Madame Sarita's Spirit Parlour 2006

Everyone knows that Halloween is the time of year that the walls separating the mortal world from the spirit world fade away, allowing ghosts to cross into our lands.

But what you might not know is that stalwart mortals risk their life every year to ensure that the evil spirits from beyond cannot get through and bring terror down upon the world.

Madame Sarita is one such guardian. Every year, she struggles to permanently contain the ghost of the evil warlock and carnival ringmaster Marius Blackwood, so that the spirit of the beautiful Sarah Beaumont can finally rest.

Last year, Madame Sarita foiled Marius' plot yet again, and he swore revenge on her. This year, he tried to make good on his threat - and at the same time, break the curse that keeps his soul trapped by the Dark Powers of the Earth.

About the show

Marius Blackwood and Puppeteer

Madame Sarita's Spirit Parlour is a black light puppet show and special effects extravaganza that we try to improve every year. We create a stage in our garage and put on a show that tells the story of the Carnival of Souls to help people get a sense of its history and personalities. 2006 marked our third year''s performance.

This year marked the introduction of more spell effects and a darker storyline in which the Dark Powers of the Earth themselves made an appearance. You can read the script draft.

Unfortunately, our sound system started cutting out halfway through the evening. On the video, you'll hear some buzzing noise over the ghost dialog - that's the sound system failing. Still, most people were able to follow the story, and reviews were positive.

Finally, a special mention of our friends over at Midnight Syndicate. Midnight Syndicate is a spooky soundscapes band that graciously provided their music for use in the show free of charge. In fact, they provide the haunt industry in general with great creepy music for their attractions, from the pro haunts down to little home haunts like our own. If you enjoyed the music from the show, pick up one of their albums.


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